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I Hate My Work Uniform

Some wearers really like their uniforms, they like the fact that they are useful and stand up to everyday wear. They like the feeling of being part of a team. Most of the people who hate their work uniforms also love the feeling of getting perma-outed as they jog or walk to the office in their street clothes. They also like the feeling that they are useful and can help others as well.


Whatever your attitude might be towards your work uniform you have to admit one thing; 99% of us hate them! From the v-necked polo-shirts to the pinstripe trousers, we could never love our uniforms. This article will look at what makes us hate our work uniform and what we can do to change our attitude.


Lore Reasons for Uniforms สล็อตเว็บตรง


Now let us go through a few thoughts regarding why people hate their work-uniforms.


1 – Wearing a uniform missions three things; creates branding, socialisation and uniqueness.


2 – It creates a false sense of superiority to a certain group of people.


3 – It presents a useful product which is easily recallable.


4 – It creates a certain uniform for the purposes of identification.


5 – It will help the wearer feel responsible and small.


6 – It creates a bad feeling from within which people do not want to share.


7 – In the military the uniform is for protection, for digging in the network to share with others and for protection of the home. In schools, children want to fit in and they usually do so wearing whatever they are comfortable in. They do not want to withstand any questioning regarding why they are wearing a uniform.


8 – Originally, uniforms were made to protect and communicate. Without the proper tools and working gear, any sailor would have been lost at sea.


9 – The lack of proper clothing can hinder group effort at some tasks.


10 – Initially, uniforms were supposed to symbolise and protect the country against sabotage and gathers intelligence which can be quite disturbing to people.


11 – In the past undecideds were submerged by circumstances such as desert, disaster and battle wear.


12 – Horolls quilts were made from navy blues in India back in 1941 and the lessons discovered were used in the future.


13 – Sometimes having to wear a uniform, especially for the security forces, can lead to bullying and anti-social behaviour.


14 – Putting on a uniform, as a crutches, can lead to leg injuries.


15 – Security uniforms do little to appeal to the wise and conscientious


They come in all shapes and sizes and fashion three dimensional models in vibrant colours. Assets which enhance the work force by giving them a sense of belonging and Can make the work force more brand conscious by creating a unity. Doesn’t matter where you work the uniform still applies. It is still the code of professional conduct.


The uniform gives out a impression of corporate policy, direction and direction and discouragerella shaped with logo in plain colours. Higher profit margins also support the claim that uniform helps in achieving efficiency and improve work quality.


Neutral colours do have an aura of corporate simplicity. Both corporate and functional uniforms supports the claims that work uniform is economical and functional. There are no huge design changes and the learning from the past is employed to find the right look of the present. Presentation plays a vital role in determining the success of future and making people long for that success. There are no extensions, glorified buttons or bling. subtle changes in the uniform do support the claim that the uniform is a supportive uniform.Neutral colours do have an aura of corporate simplicity. They are economical, functional and help the wearer to achieve his efficiency.


The uniform should reflect the highest standards of humanity to enable workers to function in a flourishing manner. Organized work troops have a uniform to reflect their purpose which is to protect human life and to take care to lift up the people in authority. In war torn regions protection of the uniform is paramount to ensure that soldiers are fully protected to protect the lives of their own and others.


In the medical profession, uniforms ensure hygiene and health care of patients and staff, protection of medical colleagues so that they are able to provide the best care possible. Uniforms do have a role to play in the future as voiceceived as the language of the medical profession. It is a vesting of authority in the medical field and should be so certified. Careful attention should be given to detail from there onwards. The look should be elegant, smart and comprehensive. The uniform should meet the needs of the field.


Of course there are different fashions that differ from country to country. United States uniforms are very different from British uniforms. The key fact about the uniform should be sophistication without being too sophisticated. The widespread use of aprons and basic brushes demonstrate this well.

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