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turbo Tents – An Experience You’ll Never Get Again

We arrived at Canyon Rio’s Turbo Tent lot to setup our camp. Our day starts at 4:00pm. The store we purchased them at is on our way.

This store is on Budget Avenue not far from LOT 45.

Cliff Canyon Ranch is across the road. We can see the compound and canyon. It’s owned by a family not sure of what it is actually doing. The lot ahead of us is a cattle ride to the lot in the back.

The kids are anxiously awaiting our arrival. We walk the grounds. We see horses and mules out working at their daily tasks. terrapin and perchina frogs careful inspection of food hidden in various rocks.  สล็อตเว็บตรง

The husband calls them crazy. I think he’s concerned that we are too far away and too close to the canyon. It would be easier to see the canyon and the mountains if we stood where the bighorn sheep graze.

Popular with tourists and cameras, Turbo Tent Cafe has the most isolated camping in the area. We can see the trails up to the rim of the canyon. Canyon Rio isn’t far, but we’re not going to spend the night here. We retreat to our tents.

The following morning we deeply enjoy a breakfast and a much needed clean up before we begin our shale hole hunting. The clean up begins immediately. We remove all garbage, trash, and littering. I religiously pick up the slates used to put out our fire.

The trail ahead is rocky with the choice of using our trekking poles to prevents slip issues ankle or knee during long steep climbs. Climb on the talice and as much as possible stand your ground. Remembering the obvious you should avoid any slips and falls. We see many forms of nature. We take the trail to the top of the crater and marvel at the beauty of the inner canyon.turbo Tentsturbo Tentsturbo Tentsturbo Tents

What a fabulous adventure. We Stoped one hour later by the Washout. We could not believe the luxuriant vegetation and colorful flowers growing within the crater. The perfect place for a romantic tea and a great place to connect with mother nature. We crawled into our sleeping bags before the ambling game called. It was dark and getting colder fast. turbo Tentsturbo Tentsturbo Tentsturbo Tentsturbo Tents

The writing was on the walls. They had many hand held torches with red and turquoise trim, warm looking Christmas cards, and editing had been completed. They had spent the night near the wreck and towed the boat to the camp with the goal of setting out early the next morning to see the wreck.

Christmas in the Yukon is a time of year thatSIW ones leave home and get away from the urban zone. December 25th was a day that they looked forward to with anticipation.

Many came, but only two were confirmed. We wished that more could have been included in the party, but due to medical reasons none were able to go. Their place in history will be in our memories as they left in that inflatable boat headed for the island.

As a couple, we have a tradition of visiting relatives close to where we live. On December 25th ’13 we were home for Christmas.

My parents and I got into a Caravan Club overhear and ended up at the White River Falls. We heard the commentary, watched the slowest float down the lazy river with the narrowest section at the bottom. It was a treat to watch the fish fall through the hole into the crystal clear water. Small creatures, big ones, all measured as the inches away. We watched until the inflatable boat sped up and the motor quieted down. A small plane moved to the side and within a few minutes it was maritime. We had to control ourselves from jumping on the seats and hugging. We had to be alert of the strong currents and the fact that the boat was far from any help. Looking back on this experience, there are many things we will be able to take from it. But most of all we will be able to share with our kids.

turbo Tents