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What Are Real Time Strategy Games?
What first comes to mind with the world of gaming is id Software’s “Doom clone” Incredible Hulk – The Video Game ( Lampoon Studios, 1993). This single game started and defined the Zombie genre for future designers. Most MMORPGs would be based on warcraft, but “Doom’s” preset the standard for these RTS games.

First Real Time Strategy game – “Sid Meirion”  สล็อตเว็บตรงไม่ผ่านเอเย่นต์


In 1992,Secret of Dragons(MumboJumbo, 1994) was released in the US by Major Games, part of Imagine.   Strategy Games

In fact, Secret of Dragon was the first RTS game to ever be released in Europe. Released in June 1994, it was a huge success. One of the reasons why it was so successful was due to the fact that the game featured “innerspace” technology. Players would communicate with each other both in-game and through their network phones or personal computers. Strategy Games

The success continued after the game was released in the US in 1995. Although this version was a fan-made game, it was pirated by Euroscept Bandai using a complete rip of the game. Even though this version was illegal, it was well received by the gaming community.

Secret of Dragon (5th rds) Strategy Games

Next in line is “Secret of Dragon”. Released in 1999, this was the 5th version of the “Secret of Dragon” series. Gamers accepted it as the best version of the game, which was until Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne was released.

Secret of Dragon 2 (2000)

The “Second Secret of Dragon” turned out to be a huge biggest hit when it was released in 2000. For this version, the gamers were treated to an alternate version of the game in which the storyline was changed. Instead of a fantasy theme, this sequel fantasy took place in a South Western themed land. Gamers accepted this as the best Secret of Dragon version.

Secret of Dragon 3 Strategy Games

themed to an Egyptian theme that was to be revealed at the Atlantis Quest demo. For Secret of Dragon 3, the game developers tried to infuse the game with mysticism and the supernatural to keep the game interesting. The game went on to be one of the most anticipated game in the series in the year 2006.

Although the game was good, a large portion of gamers felt that the “mysterious” Atlantis quest was a cop out. The game went on to receive mostly positive reviews. The game reached the top rank of videogame sales around the world. Unfortunately, Secret of Dragon 3 never came out due to the failure of its publisher, Activision.

The Storyline Strategy Games

Set in Ancient Egypt, the game depicts the journey of Hawke and Aika, the Heroes of the Seven, on their efforts to free the kingdom of Atlantis from the hands of God. With the help of their magical powers and weapons, the two characters strive to alter the course of the country. Strategy Games

It is this storyline that is supposed to be the major feature of the entire game. But for some reason, the story of the game never came to fruition. There were rumors that the game was cut due to lack of time. The game was instead released with a Namecoin message board that was accessible through the Game Link system of the PlayStation 2.

The game itself generated a lot of buzz in the gaming community due to its mysterious storyline and the intriguing gaming experience that it provides. The game took the concepts of Secret of EverQuest and Warcraft, and added three new features that resulted into the creation of a new game altogether. These new features were supposed to be used by the players to guide them through the game.

These were the exploits of Hawke and Aika. Players were to be able to guide the two throughout the course of the game. They were to be able to inter versa in order to see the changes that the other goes through. These were supposed to be used to show the progress of the character in the story.

But that was in the previous versions. The “two” in Secret of Mana was the leading hero out of all the others. While the other four were given moral support, Hawke was on the battlefield alone.

In the updated version, the leading hero Hawke received support from the other characters. These characters were Ravieus, Auron,kesa, and Fina. This cost, the story, and the game play were improved versions of the original version. The gamers were always anxious to know when the Sorcerer prefix would be coming.

While the Sorcerer prefix was still in the making, the character was named “Sorcerer”. This was because the character class of the Sorcerer was a powerful one. It had a specialty that the character would be able to use the power of the elements against his enemies.

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