elcome to Miami

Miami, also known as “Magic city” is situated in the Southeastern part of Florida State, on the bank of Miami River, between marshes and the Atlantic Ocean. The city was founded relatively recently – in 1896. Since that time the place has grown a lot and now belongs to the privileged caste of the cities with the very high level of life.


The city has a population of more than 3,5 millions and for the 2/3 of these millions there are not enough apartments, but there is a plenty of parks and gardens. The most popular attractions are landmarks of architecture andMiami symbolically starring in therio-language movie. สล็อตเว็บตรง


The symbol of the city is Lion’s head with a snake, in respect to the city’s historical heritage this is one of the most unique symbols of the city. In the city center is the island with a symbol of French help that also has a medical meaning.


There are a lots of cultural events and festivals in Miami, one of the most important among them is South Beach Gay Festival that takes place every year in February. It’s a worldwide festival, and the festival offers all the outstanding works of various artists.


Not far from that there is Temple of Peril – one of the island’s best-known attractions. There are a lot of brave souls who think that it’s a silly idea to let their hair down with such a big crowd of people, but apparently it’s very popular among the tourists.


Dining in Miami is an expensive experience depending on the place you buy the things. On the island, the most expensive sea food is served in Little Havana. In other words, the cost is not only for the drink, but also for the food.


If you are wondering where to eat in Miami, there are many but there are no single recommendations for each place. It’s better to go with the more popular restaurants and eat in them.


As a start, Miami has a wide range of restaurants, coffee shops and fast food places. It’s not impossible to get a very good meal here for less than $ 50.


5. Some favorite leisure locations are the Plymouth Harbor and The World weigh station. In Plymouth Harbor there is a very wide range of hotels of all costs, from very cheap to luxurious hotels. By the way, it’s the only place where you can see a blue whale sharks during the season.


In The World weigh station besides being a tourist location there are a lot of shops to visit and places to visit. There are a lot of places and interests awaiting you in this fascinating place.


6. If you are a sporty one, you will appreciate Miami’s Stingray Park. Once you enter this luxurious place, you will feel like a king. Kids, parents and all look alike can enjoy this place.


7. Aside from sporty views, you can visit nearly all of Miami’s aquariums. There are a lot of options for you.


8. Another famous attraction in Miami is the Monkey Jungle. In this place young monkeys dance and play with each other. There are a lot of impressive photos taken by professional photographers.


9. For those who love the night life, Miami’s South Beach is always a good place to be. In here one can enjoy live music, lots of drinks and dancing. You can also visit designer stores and nightclubs.


10. The city’s and especially its heartland (Dania Beach), is full of exotic and exciting bars and nightclubs. If you’ve got friends or just want to hang out with your dear ones, it’s always worth visiting these kinds of establishments (although it’s recommended that you stay away from drugs and alcohol).


All in all, Miami is a city that has something to offer to it’s every visitor. It’s the most beautiful city in the USA and always ready to enjoy and share its unforgettable moments with you.