Good Bedside

Good Bedside

Good Bedside

Why Doctors Need Good Bedside Manners

       While doctors are professionals like lawyers and real estate agents, they have a trait that most people resent: young and eager to please. This is the doctor’s way to ingrify himself in his occupation.

He is proud to place himself in the company of friends and help his patients. He is ashamed to be the butt of a joke or even to be a failure in his career. Of course, medical personality is not immune to arrogance. He is the most arrogant one there is. He needs to make sure that is always his doctor’s voice and that he is always seen as the star of his own show.




On the other hand, the doctor who is a good bedside manner does not need to step in carefully by conducting an education about medicine.

 A good doctor is familiar with the human condition and is also sympathetic. While he would diagnose and prescribe a set of medications, he would also discuss their individual cases with his patient. 

To create a better chemistry between the two doctors and facilitate the easy working relationship, the congeniality check of the doctor should be accomplished well before calling the patient for an appointment.  Good Bedside  Good Bedside  Good Bedside  Good Bedside


The physical signs of a friendly doctor can be seen in how he treats his patients. There is no dearth of cases of hopeful surgeries when good bedside manners are in effect. Doing good laparoscopy or keyhole surgery can befitting for a doctor. 

           While doing the risky kind of heart surgery, the doctor would not want to inform the patient that he may have a delay of a few minutes. So, good bedside manners should be followed for all surgeries. Good Bedside Good Bedside Good Bedside Good Bedside


Lie on the bed or supine position. Humility is the only way to describe this position. The doctor should not see you and speak to you but should offer you his hand and wish you good luck. There is a way of turning down the pressure.

 Different people have different ways of finding the correct bed position. The doctor’s way must see to it that you do not hurt yourself.


The tummy muscles are the ones that are Relaxed and are flexible enough to be stretched at the right time. Doctors should not be too strong with them. Doing abdominal exercises are among the measures that should be done for the doctor who wants to be always relaxed. 

The tummy muscles are there to support the spine. If they are too strong, there is a chance of the doctor getting an migraine. So, as an alternative, the doctor should always take it easy with his hands. Some patients feel tensed when the doctor places his hands on their head. 

To avoid this, the doctor needs to place his hands gently on the areas that are most tensed. He should also take the patient’s hands so that there is nothing else for his hands to strike.


The nerves and blood vessels are influenced by the brain. The brain is responsible for instructing the various body parts to work together. So, when the brain tells the stomach to contract, the stomach should immediately stop moving. In addition, the doctor needs to ask the patient to swallow every time he is about to do a surgery. This is to ensure that the digestive system is functioning properly. With the right mentality, the doctor can perform a surgery with ease.

Good Bedside