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A Classic Safari is Not the End of Your Africa Adventure
So after working on an African safari for months, going on an African vacation for weeks and then setting up a stay in an African lodge, most people would think that would be the end of their Africa adventure.

Not so fast.  สล๊อตเว็บตรงแตกง่าย  Classic Safari

Like most travellers to Africa, many of us tend to think in conventional ways and book the most familiar accommodation. After all, thebeach resortsand the luxury lodges are undoubtedly swoon-worthy.

But for those of us who want to truly immerse ourselves in an authentic African experience, we need to step outside the normal touristic centres and find those little corner places that show the real Africa.  Classic Safari

In Botswana for example, Chobe National Park is a creation of the famed George Adamson. If you are a favourite of safari and you have never tried out Chobe National Park (and the fact that it is still unspoiled makes it even more appealing), then allow me to recommend some of the finest lodges found on the park.

For those of us travelling in the summer months, it is essential to try and book our nights in the altitude insulated tents. sleeping up there is a true adventure which is worth every minute. An additional advantage is that the tents are easily portable – so you can easily go back and trek to a nearby waterhole for a swim and a suntan!

The region affords you a tremendous amount of luxury – so let your Peruvian hosts go on holiday and treat you to a true African experience. The luxury of the camps and resorts – with high quality accommodation, lavish cooking and dining, extensive land and water sports and many other outdoor activities – will make your African vacation unforgettable.  Classic Safari

The camps  Classic Safari

Lambarene is an old German settlement and, over the past forty years, has become one of the most famous camps in Africa. The name comes from ‘Free’ in the old German language. It is a huge clean area with miles of beautiful sandy beaches. Camel-back riding and other such activities are offered to the whole family. You will also find many options for horse riding, water sports and the like. Some make a wide range of grilled and balloon activities. Watch out for the hippo in this area though because they are very good at bull-fighting!

Sodwana is probably the most beautiful of the luxury camps in the area, and is a fantastic place to stay at while in Botswana. A small community-style hotel, this fabulous park has excellent facilities and a huge game room, representing the best in Africa’s hunting and fishing lodges.  Classic Safari

The Hippo Restaurant: “The Best Restaurant in Botswana”

While not in the area while in Botswana, a visit to the hippo restaurant at Walamongo (imonadire) will be a worthwhile addition to your stay. You will enjoy a fabulous dinner in a hippo-themed restaurant. The restaurant is situated by the hippo pool and has only tables and chairs in it. You can choose to dine by the pool or have a private dining area.

A visit to Christchurch:  Classic Safari

When one speaks of Botswana, the first thing that comes to mind is Christchurch. This romantic and secluded town served as the model for the Sphinx of the Kalahari Desert in the south of the country.omes from Johannesburg to ChristchurchFROM checkered flag beaches to the Kalahari Desert- these places will all cary a different tune.

You can experience a good holiday in Christchurch but it will cost a bit more because prices will go up after 0100 hour.  Classic Safari


Fancy a stay at a hotel on the coast? Pick up your new digs from any of the five hotels that lie in the heart of the Maluti Mountains and don’t forget to savor their non-smoking and drinking towels.

If you don’t want a stay in the city Christchurch is a good alternative. If you are looking for rest, a bed in one of the Maluti hotels is a good idea. You can experience the true nature of Africa. Where else can you take a tour of the endangered semi migratory flycatchers that nest in the high altitude forests? You can also encounter a vast array of birds – tourists and residents – though the best time of the year to spot them is often overlooking the Selous game reserve where audiences of stilt-flies mesmerize crowds.

You can follow the same example by spending a few nights at Margate. There is good golf course nearby and a beautiful bay where you can watch the swallows. To casualize yourself, there is a tennis court and a fishing lake.

Not to worried about a bit of sky-diving:

Cape Cross Island has a scenic point called suicide mountain.

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